10 Things We Learned From The Girl’s Trip Movie On Why We Should Take A Girl’s Trip ASAP!

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If you have not gone to see the movie ‘Girl’s Trip’ starring Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith, you should get to your nearest theater now or just buy or rent it HERE ON AMAZON when it comes out on DVD. This movie reminds us how taking periodic girl’s trips can be beneficial to our lives.

You would think that us women would not require reasons or even reminders as to why we should go on a girls trip.

However, we seem to always put our needs, to the back burner, to make sure everyone else is okay. Meanwhile time just passes us women by and the need to get away increases and we just don’t realize it.

Try to finish the following sentence: “A girls trip is necessary this year or next because….”. We got tons of responses but the two that stuck out were “sanity, to let loose, sanity, drinks, woosah, sanity” the other response was “just cause”. I love it.

To add to the list, here are 10 more reasons why a girl’s getaway is necessary:

1. We deserve a break and our employers have stressed us to no end.


2. We work hard all year – day after day, month after month.


3. We need time to ourselves outside of the supermarket runs.


4. We need down time where we can laugh, cry, vent and have fun with the girls.


5. We need a jumpstart on our new healthy minds, body and soul goals and we need a total relaxing environment to do so.


6. We need uninterrupted surroundings where we can plan our next girls trip.


7. We will be much easier to get along with when we get back.


8. Studies show that the more women travel with their girlfriends the longer they live.


9. We get to shop without hearing “can I have” or “can you buy me” and we can wake up the next day and shop again without hearing those voices.


10. We can assist our family members in appreciating us by leaving them to fend for themselves, having them do all the “mommy and/or wife” stuff while we are gone.


You now have not just 10 reasons, but 12 reasons to take that girls trip. Share this with the other ladies to give them that extra boost and start planning the trip today.

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