3 of the Most Beautiful Islands in the World for Vacation

When you think of an island, what instantly comes to your mind is a place away from the rat race, where you can simply relax and gaze at a calm blue sea all around. But not all islands are the same. The sea surrounding some islands is crystal clear with plenty of thriving corals. Some others have lush green jungles and beautiful peaks.

While the concept of ‘best’ varies from person to person, some islands do fall in the category of ‘the best in the world.’ Here, we briefly talk about some of the best islands in the world:

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The small Bora Bora island is only 6 miles long and a little over 2 miles wide and is extra ordinarily beautiful. Dormant volcanoes rising from the center of Bora Bora take the form of a lush green jungle and spill into a lagoon. The island has warm waters, luxurious resorts and very friendly local people. Snorkeling and hiking are two popular activities that tourists indulge in. The island is quite expensive from tourists’ point of view.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini comprises of two inhabited islands and many islets. It has colorful beaches with black and red sands. Archeologically impressive white villas tumbling down the volcanic cliffs, blue-domed churches which seem to be rising against the bright sparkling sea and colorful bougainvillea present a delightful sight.

Bali, Indonesia

Tourists coming to Bali find its beauty truly captivating. It has sandy shores with clear blue water, towering volcanoes and curving coastlines with pagodas. Bali caters to the different tastes of tourists. It offers exclusive cuisines, luxurious spas and sunbathing options. If you have interest in history, it has many temples for those looking for some adventure, the climb to the active volcano Kintamani is very thrilling. With an active night life, Bali is a dream come true for many people.

Plan a visit to any one or all three of these islands for a great vacation with family or friends!