42 Things To Do In Hotlanta The Next Time You Visit

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1. Go roller skating at Cascade Fun Center

They shot ATL there! Also, every year they have events that bring all sorts of folks out to slide around on that slick, shiny floor. Word of advice: you might bust your ass trying that old reverse-in-motion trick you used to do in middle school, so don’t get too “turnt.”

2. Take the Coca-Cola Tour

According to the FDA, we’re all going to die of diabetes anyway, so you might as well celebrate Atlanta’s thick, syrupy blood by going straight to the heart that feeds the city’s financial arteries. For extra fun, ask your tour guide what they do in Rahway, New Jersey.

3. Eat a Holeman & Finch Cheeseburger

It used to be hard to do, unless you got to the bar in time to hear the 10pm bullhorn and order one of only 24 made for the night. But thanks to popular demand, they started making 72 for weekend brunch, and now they’ve added it to the regular menu.

4. Go to Flux Night

It’s once a year, and it’s crazy. There are a lot of light-based art installations, plus filthy hipsters, old weirdos, and actual cool people who are all drinking out in the open in Castleberry Hill until the morning’s wee hours.


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