Top 10 packing tips and tricks every traveller should know

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For those that spent time on the road, they know how hard it is to fit your whole house into your baggage. Well, the first thing you need to learn is that packaging should be managed very wisely, and you should always start picking up the essentials and moving to others. From the moment of packing to the time of unloading the baggage, there are some tips you should know that will be time-saving and even cost effective for you. Well, you’re going on a trip, so you better start thinking how to save money in the best way possible.

If you pack too much, you will be left very disorganized and forgetting a necessary item will leave you pretty angry while running in a foreign country to the nearest place to find a pair of socks.

Packing is one of the most crucial parts of traveling, and one of the hardest tasks to do. You always leave up till the next minute and after all who are you to blame? How can you exactly know what do you want to wear the next two weeks on your trip?

1. Pack as lightly as you can
To pack lightly is an art in itself. How can you know what the weather be like next week? You’re not a psychic. The most important point of them all is for you to understand that you don’t have your whole closet for a week trip. There are many techniques that you can learn on the internet on how to pack your clothes, like rolling technique for example. Rolling your clothes instead of folding, not only prevents them from wrinkles but they don’t take as much place as folded clothes in your baggage, a huge space saver. So start rolling right now and leave some space for a box of your favorite chocolates, shhh!

2. Make your packing list
It really helps to write your list of the necessary items, that way not only you will save time, but it will help you to choose carefully every item from your closet. You’ll make sure that you don’t forget the tiniest important thing to bring on with you. You should always start the list like one week earlier, that way if something comes up to your mind you can always add it up later, the list is entirely yours, and it won’t disappoint you.

3. All hail to the grocery bags
No really, you always need to carry some grocery bags with you. They’ll be extra handy when you get out of the beach, and you cannot go to the restaurant with your dripping wet bikinis. Throw them in your bag, seal it, and get a pack of your fresh undies and you’re ready to go. The best part is that grocery bags won’t take any place in your luggage, so there is no excuse for bringing some of them with you.

4. 50 Layers of clothes
Pick any color you like, but you never forget to pack layers for your trip. You never know what the climate of a country is going to act like, and you don’t want to grab a cold on your lifetime trip. You should pack clothes in order to adapt to the weather fast, no matter how it behaves.

5. Leave the unnecessary items
Do you think you need all those beauty products if you’re going hiking? Or do you think you cannot get it through without your five types of shampoo you use every day? Trust me; you will survive perfectly fine. You should always ditch the unnecessary items, and leave them at home where they should be. Only bring your essentials and the things you cannot imagine yourself without.

6. Pack your toiletries wisely
The best thing to not bring all of your toilet shoe with you is to buy small traveling plastic bottles and fill them in with your shampoo, lotion and the basic stuff you need for your trip.

7. Carry a handbag
Never Forget not to check the essentials, I repeat, abort the mission! Your passport, money, electronics, pricey items should be sitting on your lap. You never know where your luggage might end, so you never leave your valuables there, ever. You might really regret if your bags went to the other continent and that really pricey watch of yours might be in anybody’s hands right now.

8. Pick your footwear
While your footwear can take the most of your traveling bag, try to minimize them to only the pair you will need on your trip. Make sure you wear the most comfortable ones on the plane, so you won’t need an extra pair for walking. And be careful on those high heels you never tried, because you never know how much you’re going to walk, and you don’t want your feet to fail you in the middle of some unknown place.

9. Food tips
I’m sorry to announce to you that you cannot bring your lovely fridge to your trip, though you might leave some space in your bags for your certain needs. You might not wake up without your favorite tea or coffee, but bear in mind when visiting another country you can always go for new things, and you won’t be disappointed. At last, you can get your favorite tea, coffee or alcohol in a small jar.

10. Leave space
You should always leave some space in your baggage, you never know how much stuff you will like in this foreign country, and think of all the gifts you might need to get. You always should shop in another country; it’s an unwritten rule. So think wisely, and leave some space for culture.

Besides the above tips, never forget to wear the most comfortable clothes you have on the plane. Don’t go for trainers, get your comfort shoes and clothes and enjoy your trip!

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