Top 8 Romantic Cruise Lines for Couples

Cruising is definitely not something that comes to my mind when I say romance or relationship. However, the thought of spending a few days in the sea, under the sun with your loved one definitely seems exciting and totally amazing. What adds more to the beauty of cruising is the fact that such a holiday gives you a chance to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset in a serene environment; and then there are candle light dinner dates on the deck just for the two of you. Can it get any better?

Today, I am sharing top 8 cruise lines that the couples can set onto and have an experience of a lifetime.

Princess Cruise

If you are a fan of luxury and wish to spend the time in a super spacious cruise looking over the horizon while holding the hands of your loved one, Princess Cruise should be your choice. Romance has always been their top priority and it is evident in every ship that the cruise line operates. Right from their most affordable boat to their latest top of the line ship, it says nothing but love. A few notable features provided by the Princess Cruise on almost every package they offer include: large balconies, evening canapes, laundry service, mini-bar setup, movie under the moon and an open seating balcony.

Windstar Cruise

Windstar is not known for the cabin size but what they lack in the cabin size, they make up for it in the cabin style. Windstar provides an experience of a sailboat as well as a cruise ship. It is a perfect blend of traditional cruise with an aura of young adventurous love. The cabins boast nothing but luxury. Fitted with flat LCD TVs, comfortable bedding and top notch toiletries, this cruise is for the people who wish to enjoy an indoors as much as they want to spend time on the deck on the outdoors.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is a truly exceptional and enchanting romantic cruise line, redefining the notion of luxury and intimacy on the open seas. From the moment couples step onboard, they are transported into a world of pure romance and blissful indulgence. The immaculate cabins are thoughtfully designed to offer unparalleled comfort and privacy, allowing lovebirds to unwind and create cherished memories together. The attentive crew members ensure that every desire is met, curating a seamless and personalized experience for each couple. Whether it’s watching breathtaking sunsets from the ship’s private decks, enjoying gourmet candlelit dinners under the stars, or exploring exotic ports of call hand in hand, Virgin Voyages crafts a journey of love and passion that remains etched in the hearts of its passengers forever. With its unwavering commitment to romance and luxury, this cruise line is the epitome of an idyllic escape for those seeking to celebrate their love in the most enchanting way possible.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

If you are looking for a small boat which will take you onto a romantic journey and probably a small trip, Paul Gauguin Cruises is for you. Serving the South Pacific region like Tahiti, this cruise line delivers a lovely experience with its renovated cabins, polite crew and tasty food. The cruise also gives you an opportunity to spend a night in a bungalow in Bora Bora. However, all this comes with a big price tag and the company hardly entertains any bargain.

Celebrity Cruises

The cruise aims to treat you like a celebrity and gives you an opportunity to roam the deck in your black evening gown holding a glass of wine while he sips on his martini in a body fit tuxedo waiting for you to come to him and take him to the state of the art cabins which have access to thermal suites and spa facilities.

Crystal Cruises

This cruise has everything that a couple could ask for. An ocean facing room, a 360 degree panoramic sunset viewpoint, sophisticated environment and a romantic dinner on the top. The cruise line attracts people from various age groups with late 30s being the most dominating one. Thus, a multitude of generation present on a ship gives a different travelling experience altogether. Adding value to the service are the offshore deals that Crystal offers depending upon the city the ship is taking a halt in.

Seabourn Cruise Line

One word that can describe Seabourn Cruise Line is irresistible. Each ship owned by the company features a perfect cabin fitted with a comfortable bed, a marble-floored bathroom containing a bath tub. The ships also have an outdoor hot tub which allows you to enjoy the serenity of the surrounding while you are in the sea.

Viking Ocean Cruises

This cruise line is for the people who wish to refresh themselves after several months of hard-work. Inspired by the Viking style, the cruise line offers ships with happening itineraries, overnight stays and shore excursions. A few reasons why I would recommend Viking include – balcony in every room, wine with every meal and a no-kids-allowed policy. Also, if you can put in some more money, upgrade to the owner suits and enjoy the comfort of a personal sauna, private dining area and a wet bar.

Cruises can be romantic. All you need to do is put in some thought and money. Depending upon the kind of service you need, and the kind of people you need around you, you can pick from the above list and be assured that you are going to have a lot of romance.